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Business Centers Of Missouri, Inc.

Welcome to Business Centers of Missouri, Inc. We provide a suite of services to simplify running your business. Our phone answering and call center management services increase the effectiveness of your business communications, boost sales, improve retention and enhance customer service.

Industry Leading Service for Your Business
Our company has provided reliable answering service, call center service, and customer service call management to businesses in the Columbia, MO and St. Louis, MO areas for more than 39 years. Over the past four decades, we have remained at the forefront of our industry by integrating emerging technologies, such as live answering service, speech to text, virtual offices, interactive voice response, and voice mail with fax. We offer a complete solution for your business and expanded services, such as sales tracking and data mining to identify first time callers with call management strategies and internet based sales lead software. We build a custom system to meet the specific requirements of each business.
Unparalleled Quality and Attention to Detail

The photographs of our office, facilities, its construction, buried propane tank, generator, and isolated computer room are included on our website for you to learn about our state of the art facilities. We have consistently delivered quality service over the years through constant planning, attention to detail, and execution of cost effective solutions for businesses in a broad range of industries.

Consistent Quality Answering Service for Your Valuable Calls
The fast pace of today’s business world requires responsive customer communication around the clock. Businesses are now conducting up to 25% of their business after hours, so phone systems must be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call management must be handled with precision to ensure that your customers’ needs are met. At Business Centers of Missouri, Inc., we provide documentation and call recording to provide the tools you need to monitor your business after hours.

Don’t Lose Customers or Lose Out on New Business
Customers expect convenient service and will call a competitor if they don’t reach your business when they call with an urgent issue. In the absence of an effective solution, you could lose business to your competitors. Our professional phone answering and call center service enable you to communicate with your customers and possibly take calls from potential customers when they are unable to contact your competition.

Extensive Knowledge and Deep Understanding of External Networks
We understand phone systems and rely on texting, paging, and cellphone systems to pinpoint problems with call dispatching to your personnel. We have identified and resolved problems in our vendors’ networks.

Documentation and Call Recording
We provide documentation for every call and record calls, so you can monitor your business and get the answers you need to effectively resolve issues. Our answering system enables you to discern the source of the problem, whether it is the customer, employee, or the company. You can avoid a scenario, such as firing a technician for failing to answer calls and later discover that the tech actually never received the call, due to a problem with the call forwarding service.

Multiple Levels of Service for a Custom Solution
Multiple packages are available to provide the level of service each business requires. There are packages to suit every requirement and budget. Our custom programs enable us to offer solutions that others cannot provide. We have designed innovative programs, such as a HVAC program for dispatching urgent alarms, databases for dispatching national calls, data mining from caller ID information, and many other solutions.

Emergency Operations for Any Disaster
Business Centers of Missouri, Inc. can be an essential part of your backup plan. We have helped companies continue to operate during floods, fires, power disruptions, water main breaks, tornadoes, and other storms. Our building is specially engineered and equipped with an auto restart generator and propane fuel for 15 days to ensure continued operation during disasters.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant Service
We are an HIPAA certified company, and our operators are fully trained to ensure HIPAA compliance. Additionally, our computers are secured in a concrete room that is served by an emergency generator power feed and dual conversion battery invertor to protect equipment from power spikes. Since 2001, our data has been protected by diverse internet paths and a firewall and our systems are tested regularly to ensure security. Our facility meets HIPAA requirements to satisfy the 30 day disaster plan requirement of “NIST Special Publication 800-66 Appendix F Contingency Planning Guidelines.”

Guaranteed Quality
We guarantee the quality of our phone answering and call center service. Our virtual offices enable you to access documentation needed to manage your communication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls are digitally recorded, and our data logs enable you to run reports to find information, such as a call received from a specific telephone number, who hung up first, and other information to answer questions and address issues. Please contact us at 314-469-0500 or 800-436-2255 to learn how our answering service, speech to text, and call management can help you improve efficiency and enhance communication with your customers in St. Louis, MO and Columbia, MO.

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