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Our documentation has been used countless times to save customers for our clients and stop lawsuits in their tracks. We provide hard data for accuracy and accountability.

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    See detailed call logs

    Detailed log files that track each call second by second are maintained for 2 to 3 months. These logs even show you which party hung up first. Messages are electronically stored for 4 to 5 years. In 2002, we were able to retrieve a 3-year-old message for a national home healthcare account that needed it for a medical case.

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    You can obtain and listen to any call

    Every call is logged or recorded and stored for at least 60 days. If a question arises as to what happened on a call, we can retrieve a MP3 file of the call and play it or e-mail it to you immediately. You will save the time and guesswork of trying to figure out what really happened. We were the first call center in St. Louis and one of the first 3 call centers nationwide to use call logging.

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    Caller ID documents callers that don’t leave a message

    This is automatically inserted in your message ticket, giving you information on callers that don’t leave a message.

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    Call Strategies – Track the success of your advertising campaigns

    How do you determine which advertising medium or ad works best for you? Ad tracking has historically been done by counting calls from different telephone numbers listed in different ads. We instead use graphical displays, which tell you when calls are placed to your business, from which ads, and how quickly they are answered.
    We track caller IDs to identify repeat callers who are existing customers, vendors, or personal calls. We also filter out most of the hang-ups, misdials, wrong number calls and telemarketers. Finally, and most importantly, we identify the first time callers who are most likely potential customers and build a refined prospect list. Isn’t that the list you really want to target?
    Our Call Strategies services can be used on special advertised numbers or to track all calls to your main office.

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